BOASgrad Constitution

BOASgrad Club Constitution

Article I Preamble

We, the anthropology graduate students of the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), approve the Board of Anthropology Students: Graduate Level (BOASgrad) as an advocate for our academic needs. These needs include: graduate student representation at department faculty meetings; lectures, seminars, and workshops for the advancement of our academic careers; promotion of departmental collegiate networking; and opportunities for public engagement. The overall goal of BOASgrad is to foster the academic and personal success of UNR anthropology graduate students.

Article II Name

Board of Anthropology Students: Graduate Level (BOASgrad)

Article III Membership

Requirements: Members must provide an active email address in order for officers to notify them of meetings and events. Members must attend at least three club meetings or committee meetings per semester and three club or departmental events per semester to maintain active membership. Club and departmental events include, but are not limited to: club-sponsored lectures, thesis and dissertation defenses, and featured lectures (e.g. those arranged by faculty members). Members may be asked to participate in fundraising events throughout the academic year to support club efforts or to become members of a subcommittee or an ad-hoc committee. These count towards the required number of meetings or events. No dues, however, will be requested for active membership.

Rights: All members of BOASgrad are entitled to a comfortable and welcoming environment both in-person and on social media whereby camaraderie and learning are of the utmost importance. Personal expression and points of view are welcome as long as they do not alienate or threaten other members. Members displaying inappropriate behavior or making derogatory remarks either in-person or on the club social media page will be spoken to by the club advisor and officers about the incident and allowed to correct their behavior. If inappropriate behavior persists, the member in question will be terminated from membership.

Resignation:  Members intending to resign from the organization are required to notify executive officers in order to be removed from the membership list.

Termination:  A member may be terminated from the club by a majority vote to be held by club officers and the club advisor. Reasons for termination include inappropriate behavior and lack of participation in club meetings and events. Inappropriate behavior includes discriminatory, aggressive, or any otherwise offensive remarks or actions directed at other members or the organization as a whole.

Article IV Officers

Club officers are voted in by the active members by the end of March. Officers will serve a term of one year (i.e. terms begin upon completion of the academic year in which the officer is elected and end upon completion of the following academic year [May-May]). A shadow period of approximately one month will allow for training the new officers in their incoming positions by the current officers. Officers must run for re-election if they wish to serve in the same or any other position for the following academic year. Members will not be restricted in the number of terms they may serve in any office but may not serve in the same position more than twice. To be eligible for office, candidates must be active members. Officers are expected to attend club or departmental events above and beyond the membership requirement. Members should be self-nominated, with their information being handled by the Election Committee. External nominations may be considered, though the member will have to confirm their nomination before running.

Club Faculty Advisor: The faculty advisor is the current graduate student advisor, will supervise club activities, and ensure that all actions of BOASgrad are within the parameters of a group affiliated with the University of Nevada, Reno; the Department of Anthropology; and the Graduate Student Association (GSA) at the University of Nevada, Reno.

The officer titles and corresponding duties are as follows:

President: The President will be the public face of the group. They will be responsible for attending required GSA meetings, forging/maintaining relationships with groups outside of the Department of Anthropology and running meetings of BOASgrad. Additionally, the President will serve as the graduate student liaison to the faculty. Due to his or her capacity as faculty liaison, the Office of President must be filled by a student currently seeking a doctoral degree.

Vice-President: The BOASgrad Vice President's primary responsibilities will be supervising all sub-committees and ad-hoc committees of the group. This will include collecting subcommittee/ad-hoc committee meeting agendas and minutes, collating them, and forwarding them to the President. The Vice President is also responsible for organizing lectures sponsored by the club in conjunction with the President and club faculty advisor. In the event of a vacancy in the Presidency, the Vice President will enter this position if they are a doctoral student; if not, a new President must be elected.

Secretary: The office of Secretary is responsible for scheduling and recording minutes of all club and officer meetings. This includes the logistics of coordinating when and where to meet with other officers, as well as recording business discussed by the group at each meeting. Further, the Secretary will be responsible for ensuring that the minutes of each club meeting are made publicly available through the BOASgrad website, social media, and are shared with the club faculty advisor. The Secretary serves as the chair of the Professionalism Committee. Finally, the Secretary will be responsible for tracking membership attendance at club or departmental events.

Treasurer: The responsibilities of the office of Treasurer are two-fold. Primarily, the Treasurer will be responsible for managing any funding acquired by BOASgrad (from the GSA or elsewhere) intended for use in the maintenance and support of club functions. Secondarily, the Treasurer will serve as the chair of the Funding Committee and chief organizer of the Boas Bash. The Treasurer must have been a member of the Funding Committee during the previous academic year to be elected into this position.

Social Media Liaison: The Social Media Liaison is primarily responsible for managing the club's social media presence. This includes posting about meeting information, club events, and relevant club or departmental news to the social media page, as well as organizing student publication and presentation abstracts for dissemination once each semester. The social media officer will also post any relevant information within the Anthropology department.

Removal of an officer: An officer may be removed from their position by a majority vote of the remaining officers and the club faculty advisor due to reasons including, but not limited to, harassment of any nature, criminal activity, negligence of duties, inappropriate conduct, and consistent truancy and/or absence. The officer charged must be informed of the possibility of removal two weeks prior to the vote being made and be given the opportunity to discuss their case or provide any supporting evidence.

Article V Executive Council

Committee Supervisors: Committee supervisors (both established subcommittees and ad-hoc) are responsible for organizing and running meetings of their respective committees. This will include setting meeting dates and times and planning the agenda to be covered in the meeting, as well as reporting on meeting progress to the Vice President. Meeting agendas must be provided to the Vice President (who will then submit the reports to the President) at least 24 hours prior to every scheduled committee meeting. Meeting minutes must be sent to the Vice President (who will then submit the reports to the President) within one week after the scheduled meeting. These will then by submitted to the Club Faculty Advisor by the President.

Committees:  Committees will be responsible for organizing events held by BOASgrad that are specific to a particular area of interest the club wishes to address.  These committees include:

Funding Committee:  The funding committee will be responsible for managing any and all funding received from the GSA, searching for outside sources of funding, providing funding opportunities to students when possible, and making members aware of applicable outside funding sources and organizing the Boas Bash.

Professionalism Committee:  The professionalism committee will offer seminars and workshops designed to help students better their writing skills and make themselves marketable in their respective job markets. This committee will organize opportunities for students to present their work within the department (outside of the Brown Bag Lecture series) and will organize the Resume Shuffle for the Bash.

Election Committee:  The election committee will consist of three (3) volunteers who will organize the election of officers for the next academic year. The volunteers must not be current officers or running for office to minimize bias. The election committee will be chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis by the BOASgrad President to collect nominee information and to organize the election in a way they see most fit (i.e. SurveyMonkey voting, in-person voting, etc.). The election committee will report results to the current officers for announcement by the end of March.

Ad-hoc Committees
Ad-hoc committees may be established at any time upon a majority vote of the Executive Council to fulfill a goal not otherwise specifically outlined above. A Committee Head will be appointed by the Executive Board majority vote to supervise ad-hoc committee activities and report business to the Vice President according to the standards outlined above. These committees may last for the duration of a single academic year with the possibility of renewal at the end of each year.

Addition of Standing Committees
The suggestion of a new standing committee may be established at any time upon a majority vote of the Executive Council. This proposal will then be suggested to the active membership for addition into the Constitution according to the procedures of quorum and amending the Constitution. While ad-hoc committees may last within the parameters of a single academic year, formation of a standing committee establishes it as a central component of BOASgrad and a permanent committee that must be occupied. Therefore, the permanent dissolution of any standing committee must be voted upon by the active membership according to the procedures of quorum and appropriate amendments to the Constitution must be made.

Article VI Quorum

In order for a meeting or a vote to take place there must be at least two officers present and at least three members, not including the officers.


Article VII Parliamentary Procedures
Each meeting will begin at the agreed upon time. Attendance will be recorded at the beginning of every meeting to keep track of active membership. An overview from the last meeting will be stated to bring all members up to date on current club announcements and activities. The club members will then proceed to discuss "new" club business. Members who want to be involved have an opportunity to bring up concerns, questions, or suggestions for future activities or events. If a vote needs to be taken on any club business, the vote will take place in the designated club meeting time for membership approval.

Each designated committee is responsible for meeting outside of regular club meetings to arrange and complete their individual tasks. Club officers will be available to assist or help any committee in planning and performing designated tasks.
Meetings will end at an agreed upon time with a new topic chosen to be discussed at the next meeting. Preferably, the next meeting time will be selected and chosen at the end of the current meeting. All minutes from each meeting will be emailed and posted on the club website and social media to keep members who were not able to attend the meeting up to date on club activities.

If BOASgrad is going to be inactive for a period (e.g., no officers elected for a year, struggling to retain members, etc.), all officers must turn over documents and email and social media access to the Club Faculty Advisor until a period when, at least, a President and Treasurer are willing and able to restart the club.

Article VIII Amendments

Proposed amendments may be brought up at any time by consulting the group during a meeting that adheres to the requirements of a quorum as defined in this Constitution. However, amendments will only be voted on at the last meeting of each semester. Proposed amendments require notification to the active membership two weeks prior to the last scheduled meeting of the semester and a two-day reminder to the active membership.