BOASgrad Committees

All students are welcome to join any of our committees.  If you would like to help us enrich the graduate student experience in the Department of Anthropology, please contact us at


Funding Committee:  The funding committee will be responsible for managing any and all funding received from the GSA, searching for outside sources of funding, providing funding opportunities to students when possible, making members aware of applicable outside funding sources and organizing the Boas Bash.

Professionalism Committee:  The professionalism committee will offer seminars and workshops designed to help students better their writing skills and make themselves marketable in their respective job markets. This committee will organize opportunities for students to present their work within the department (outside of the Brown Bag Lecture series) and will organize the Resume Shuffle for the Bash.

Election Committee: The election committee will consist of three (3) volunteers who will organize the election of officers for the next academic year. The volunteers must not be current officers or running for office to minimize bias. The election committee will be chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis by the BOASgrad President to collect nominee information and to organize the election in a way they see most fit (i.e. SurveyMonkey voting, in-person voting, etc.). The election committee will report results to the current officers for announcement by the end of March.