Club Constitution

Article I: Preamble

The purpose of this organization is to promote research, education, training and development in the realm of anthropology. Specifically, the following objectives are proposed: To provide a forum for students, members of the public and faculty members to discuss, debate and present various topics and research related to the field of anthropology. To encourage and support student research presentations. Assist in departmental student recruitment, orientation and retention. Evolve an informal environment for socializing and networking within the field of anthropology.

Article II: Name

The official name of the organization is The Anthropology Club of the University of Nevada, Reno.

Article III: Membership

Any UNR student in good standing with the University shall be eligible for club membership. Membership shall not be determined by race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, sex, disability, or sexual orientation. Membership shall be immediately conferred to any eligible individual upon signing of the membership list and payment of annual club dues. Membership may be revoked by the Executive Council due to repeated or serious violations of the club constitution. Members may also be expelled by a unanimous vote of the Executive Council for gross ethical or professional misconduct. All members have the right to vote. Only members that are declared majors or minors, or Graduate Students or Graduate Specials in the Department of Anthropology at the University Nevada, Reno are eligible to become club officers.

Article IV: Officers

There shall be a Faculty Advisor selected annually by the Executive Council of the club. The faculty advisor shall advise the club on academic, financial, and procedural affairs. An open invitation is extended to the Faculty Advisor to attend Executive Council meetings. The club officers shall consist of: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Newsletter Editor. Elections shall be held annually at the April club meeting. Candidacy for all offices must be declared thirty days prior to the election. Officers shall be elected by a simple majority of club members present. Elected officers may serve only one term per office. Absence from three regular club meetings by any elected official without reasonable justification shall result in impeachment. The President shall: preside at regular meetings, represent the club when and where appropriate, and serve as chairperson of the Executive Council. The Vice-President shall: assume all powers of the president in his/her absence or removal, verify and declare a quorum at all regular and Executive Council meetings, and undertake public relations for the club. The Secretary shall: record, post and file all club meeting minutes, be responsible for correspondence of club, maintain and publish club membership records. The Treasurer shall: oversee all financial records and transactions of the club, present a report at regular club meetings, and collect membership dues each school year. The Newsletter Editor shall: solicit articles and club news for publication in the monthly newsletter and annual club publication.

Article V: Executive Council

The Executive Council will consist of all officers of the club. Each officer has one vote; there shall be no proxy votes. The Executive Council shall meet regularly to monitor the progress of the club toward its stated goals. The Executive Council shall also address impeachment issues in regard to club officers and members.

Article VI: Meetings

Club meetings shall be held monthly, the executive council may call or cancel meetings as needed. Regular club meetings shall include:

call to order by the chair of the meeting,
the reading of minutes by the secretary,
roll call by the vice president,
executive council reports,
discussion of old business,
discussion of new business,
announcement of next meeting date,
business meeting adjournment.

Meetings shall be held by Roberts Rules of Order, latest edition. A Quorum shall be fifty-one percent of eligible voting members.

Article VII: Amendments

Amendments to this constitution may be proposed and approved by a simple majority of the voting members of the club.

Article VIII: Ratification

This constitution shall be effective immediately upon unanimous ratification by the charter members of the Anthropology Club. Each charter member shall sign the original constitution document to signify ratification.