Shaun Richey


Status: PhD

MA Thesis Title: The Historical Archaeology of Ore Milling: Ideas, Environment, and Technology (2016)

Previous Degree(s): BS (2010) Indiana State University, MA (2016) University of Nevada, Reno

Contact Information:

Biography: I am a current PhD student in historical archaeology with interests in historical mining, Nevada history, social dimensions of technological change, and environmental adaptation. My current dissertation research is a comparative study of several historical mining districts in Nevada.


Richey, Shaun and Adam Calkins
2016    Unmanned Aerial Systems in the Great Basin: Exploring the Potential of UAS Technology through Surveys of Pah Rah Rock Art and Historic Fort Churchill. Great Basin Anthropological Conference, Reno NV.

Richey, Shaun
2015 Milling Technology in the Cortez Mining District. Society for American Archaeology Annual Conference, Washington D.C.