Shannon Klainer


Academic interests: Paleopathology, forensic anthropology, bioarchaeology, and dental anthropology

Status: MA

Previous Degrees: BA in Anthropology at Youngstown State University (2015)

Contact information:

Biography: Shannon is a second year MA student under the tutelage of Dr. G. Richard Scott. At her undergraduate institution of Youngstown State University, she did research on spinal pathologies at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, on which she has presented at her university's symposium. For her thesis she wished to explore other areas of bioarchaeology, focusing on biodistance studies in East and Southeast Asia, and the sinodonty/sundadonty dental dichotomy. Her thesis centers on a dental morphology biodistance analysis on the origins of the Jomon, Ainu, and modern Japanese, with emphasis on statistical evidence. She has been an instructor for the biological anthropology labs, and hopes to be a professor and inspire students in the future.

Research Projects:

•           Poster presentation of A Descriptive Analysis of Cleft Neural Arches in the Hamann-Todd Osteological Collection at the QUEST Forum for Student Scholarship. Youngstown State University. 2015.