Lauren Walkling

  • Academic Interests: Protohistoric archaeology, the Great Basin, California, culture contact studies, landscape archaeology

    Status: MA Student

    Previous Degree: BA with Honors in Anthropology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln (2014)

    Contact Information:

    Biography: Lauren is a third-year MA student studying protohistoric archaeology, with interests in culture contact studies and landscape archaeology.  Her thesis focuses on how landscape can be used to study culture contact between the Paiute and European settlers of Aurora, Nevada.  She earned her BA in Anthropology, with minors in English and Russian. Her experience includes contract work, in particular surveys and excavations, and museum collections in Southern California, along with laboratory analysis and cultural resource management in Central and Northwestern Nebraska.  Lauren is currently a Research Assistant and Lab Manager for the Historical Archaeology Laboratory in the UNR Anthropology Department.
    Publications, Presentations, or Projects:

    Poster presentation at the Seventy First Annual Plains Conference in Loveland, Colorado - "Introducing Digital Homesteading" (October 2-6, 2013).

    Eighth Annual Anthrogroup Conference oral presentation in Lincoln, Nebraska- "Signaling Homestead Success: Preliminary Assessment of the Socioeconomic Status Inferences from Sod Houses in the Custer County Photographs of Solomon Butcher".

    Poster presentation at the Seventy-Ninth Annual SAA Meeting in Austin, Texas - "Preliminary Assessment of Homesteader Socioeconomic Status from the Photos of Solomon Butcher" (April 23-27, 2014).