Donovan Adams


Dononvan Adams

Academic Interests: Bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, dental anthropology, Bronze Age Near East, biodistance, urbanization, ancestry estimation, fuzzy logic, race science and scientific racism

Status: Ph.D. Candidate

MA Thesis Title: Odontometric Differentiation between Southwest Hispanics, Native Americans, and European Americans

Dissertation Title: Community Development and Culture Negotiation during the Early Bronze Age in Western Anatolia

Previous Degrees: MS (2015) Forensic Anthropology, Boston University School of Medicine; BA, BS (2013) Anthropology, Human Biology, University at Albany, SUNY

Contact Information:

Biography: I am a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate studying how population density, diversity, and culture contact motivated community identity formation and emerging urbanization in Early Bronze Age Anatolia. I am also involved in research regarding race science and scientific racism - how science is conducted to enforce racial differences and hierarchies and how white nationalist/supremacist individuals and groups use science to perpetuate their ideologies. Additionally, I am exploring how fuzzy logic may be used in bioarchaeological and medicolegal contexts. I have bioarchaeological experience through my involvement with the New York State Museum in Albany, NY as a volunteer bioarchaeology assistant for NAGPRA (2012); as a Project Assistant at the ArchaeoTek field school in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania (2016); and as a part of the Human Remains Lab, working with burial excavations and skeletal analysis at Çatalhöyük (2017).

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