Cortney Hulse

Academic Interests: Biological Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, Human Osteology, Trauma Analysis, Ancestry Estimation, and Human Variation.

Status: Ph.D. Student 

Previous Degrees: MA (2016) Anthropology, Idaho State University; BA (2013) Anthropology, Idaho State University; AA (2011) General Arts, Idaho State University.


Biography: Cortney Hulse is a first year PhD student in Forensic Anthropology. Her research interests include trauma analysis, victim identification, sex, age, and ancestry estimation, and multivariate statistical analysis in quantification of current methodologies. She has been involved in bioarchaeological excavations on projects in  El Mirador Guatemala (2013, 2016) with FARES corporation, as well as multiple forensic search and recovery efforts with local law enforcement agencies in Southern Idaho.

Presentations, Publications, and Projects:

Hulse, Cortney N., Stull, Kyra E., "Quantifying and Visualizing Thoracic Blunt Trauma," Western Bioarchaeology Group, Poster Presentation 2016.
Hulse, Cortney N., "Quantifying and Visualizing Thoracic Skeletal Trauma," Idaho State University Graduate Research Symposium, Podium Presentation. 2015
Stull, K., Kenyhercz, M., L'abbe, E., Tuamsuk,P., Hulse,C., Taysom, E,."Sex Bais Asymmetry in Craniometric Variation of Modern South Africans." 2014.
Hulse, Cortney. "Field Report and Findings Op. 114 A" El Mirador Informe, 2014.