Chris Wolfe

Chris Wolfe in a cave looking down at the camera

Academic Interests: human skeletal biology, growth and development, subadult skeletal variation, bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, theory in biological anthropology, computational anthropology

Status: PhD Student

MA Thesis Title: A Study of Growth and Resilience Among Historic African American Populations at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Dissertation Research: TBD

Previous degrees: BA (2014), Anthropology and Archaeology, Dickinson College; MA (2017), Anthropology with a Biological Anthropology concentration, Texas State University, San Marcos.

Contact Information:

Biography: I am a first year PhD student with broad interests in biological anthropology, particularly as it pertains to the study of human growth and development in both the past and present. While still developing specific avenues of research, these questions revolve around notions of human growth, developmental plasticity, canalization, and the long-term impacts of such on adult health and longevity. Previous experiences have allowed me to explore these broad topics throughout the southeastern United States as well as the island of Cyprus. Moreover, I carry additional interests in the refinement of forensic anthropological techniques as they relate to the identification of subadults in a medico-legal context. Broadly, I seek to apply computationally intense methods to tease apart the variation present in my samples.

Publications, Presentations, or Projects:

2018 Wolfe CA.

The utility of geographic information science in patterning anthropometric variation across Latin American populations. 43rd Annual Meeting of the Human Biology Association.

2018 Herrmann NP, Cruz KA, Wolfe CA, Pilides D, Violaris Y.

Demography and Health of the Hellenistic to Early Christian burial samples from Ayioi Omoloyites neighborhood in Nicosia, Cyprus. 87th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Austin, Texas.

2018 Wolfe CA, Herrmann NPH, Cruz KA, Pilides D, Violaris Y.

Methodological issues in the analysis of fragmentary and commingled subadult remains at the Ayioi Omoloyites tombs of Roman to Early Christian Period Cyprus. 87th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Austin, Texas.

2014 Weinstein KJ, Ehrlich D, and Wolfe CA.

Systemic Stress in the Ohio River Valley during early Contact Period: Enamel hypoplasia and delayed growth at Neale's Landing, Blennerhassett Island, West Virginia. American Journal of Physical Anthropology Supplement 58:269-269.