Caulder Tempel

Academic Interests: Cultural anthropology, the anthropology of religion, Islam, youth culture, West Africa

Status: MA student    

Previous degrees: BA in French and Francophone Studies with an additional major in Anthropology, Carnegie Mellon University (2011)

Contact Information:

Biography: Caulder is a fourth-year MA student in cultural anthropology. His thesis centers on the economic and affective dimensions of religious affiliation in urban Senegal. He conducted seven weeks of ethnographic fieldwork in Dakar during the summer of 2014, working with disciples of the Baye Fall branch of the Muridiyya, a Sufi order indigenous to Senegal. His research addresses the ways in which economic and political marginalization enable increasingly cosmopolitan forms of religious consciousness and expression among young Senegalese Muslims, while simultaneously fuelling disputes over the role of cosmopolitanism in contemporary Muslim life. Caulder is currently working as a teaching assistant for Anthropology 101 and has previously been a teaching assistant for Anthropology 281 - Introduction to Language.