Amanda Harvey

Amanda Harvey

Academic interests: Dentition, subsistence strategies/diet, human osteology, health and disease, mortuary patterns, identity, social complexity, power relations, body modifications, political economy, Mesoamerican archaeology

Status: Ph.D. Candidate

MA thesis title: Consequences of Contact: An Evaluation of Childhood Health Patterns Using Enamel Hypoplasias among the Colonial Maya of Tipu

Previous degrees: MA (2011), The University of Southern Mississippi, BA (2009), Auburn University

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Biography: Amanda is a fifth year Ph.D. candidate from the coast of Alabama. Her research focuses interpreting aspects of social complexity, power, intersectionality, and social roles through diet and subsistence strategies. Her dissertation will answer questions about possible changes to Colonial Maya diet from a town on the fringes of Spanish controlled land in 17th century Mesoamerica. She has conducted archaeological research in the Great Basin and Southern United States on the historical Basque in California, an early Colonial French cemetery on Mississippi Coast, and a Mississippian ossuary, as well as in Belize and Mexico on Classic and Postclassic Maya sites, and Formative period Mexican culture.