Jenanne K. Ferguson


Assistant Professor
PhD University of Aberdeen, 2013
Ansari Business 506
(775) 682-7629


Linguistic anthropology; sociolinguistics; indigenous and minority languages; the Circumpolar North (Russia: Republic of Sakha-Yakutia; Canada); multilingualism and code-mixing; language transmission and maintenance; urban-rural migration; language ideologies; linguistic landscapes; Northern globalization and language; verbal art; language and education


My current research deals with the maintenance and transmission of the Sakha (Yakut) language in northeastern Siberia, Russia, through the lens of mobility by and through language. My dissertation work dealt with ways of speaking Sakha among Sakha-Russian bilinguals living in urban and rural regions and the language ideologies shaping their language choices and practices. Ongoing and future work deals with the revitalization and transformation of Sakha oral literary genres and the local creation of new online spaces (e.g. social networking, SMS, Wikipedia) for Sakha language transmission and usage, as well as a project comparing the politics and aesthetics of indigenous storytelling in Canada and Russia.

I have also worked on questions and themes (language in education; language in the visual spheres) with Canadian indigenous languages in the past. I welcome inquiries from students interested in similar themes and approaches to language, regardless of geographic area!


  • Anth 281: Introduction to Language
  • Anth 480/680: Anthropological Linguistics
  • Anth 709: Graduate Seminar in Linguistic Anthropology