postcardHistorical Archaeology Field School 2015
Jewish and Chinese Life in 19th Century Aurora, Nevada
Aurora Neighborhoods Project

Principal investigator: Carolyn L. White
Project staff: Eddie Dale, Ashlee Younie, Katee Withee

The Aurora Neighborhoods Project was launched in 2012 as a long-term project designed to examine the multifaceted and diverse lives of the inhabitants of Aurora, Nevada. Focusing on the domestic scale, this project examines the use and manipulation of the domestic landscape and the material culture across multiple households. The scale of the town, the documentation of its residents, and the incredibly well preserved nature of the site allow an examination of daily life in this vibrant western mining town. In 2012 we investigated the house and yard of Isaac Levy and his family, a Jewish family that lived, married, and had a child during their long stay in Aurora.

In 2013 we continued to study the households of Jewish families in Aurora, returning to the Levy House and beginning an investigation of the Kaufman family, who lived next door to the Levys. 

We are currently planning fieldwork for 2015. Details coming soon!

For more information contact Dr. Carolyn L. White, Department of Anthropology, University of Nevada, Reno, NV 89557; (775) 682-7688; email:

katee pointing
Katee Withee and Alan Burgio excavate a feature at the Levy House, 2012.

aurora old
The town of Aurora, Nevada. In 1861 the population was approximately 7,000.

field school students
Field school!

Mapping the Levy House with plane table and alidade.

Miner's cabin, ca. 1920s.