Richie Rosencrance

Richie Rosencrance

Academic Interests: Western Stemmed Tradition, peopling of the Americas, lithic technological organization, geoarchaeology of rockshelters and desert environments, archaeology of the northern Great Basin

Status: MA

Previous Degrees: Bachelor of Arts (2015), West Virginia University

Contact Information:

Biography: Richie is a first year MA student and Research Assistant for the Great Basin Paleoindian Research Unit. His primary research interests concern the nature and antiquity of the Western Stemmed Tradition and the greater role it plays in the initial colonization of the Americas. He is also concerned with investigating the first peoples of West Virginia and the Appalachian Highlands. Prior to attending UNR, Richie worked in various CRM contexts in New England, Florida, Texas, Nevada, and Oregon. He has also been intimately involved in academic endeavors in Oregon at the Connley and Paisley Caves. Over the course of the next year, Richie will be conducting a debitage analysis of the LSP-1 rockshelter in Oregon and working with collections from the Hawksy Walksy Valley, Oregon.


Rosencrance, Richard. 2017. Paleoindian Artifacts of West Virginia. PaleoAmerica. (Revised and Resubmitted).


Rosencrance, Richard. 2015. Rediscovery Hyre Mound: Lithic Raw Materials in the Tygart Valley. West Virginia Archaeological Society Annual Meeting.