Mike Lenzi

Mike Lenzi

Academic Interests: Paleoindians and the Paleoarchaic, the peopling of the New World, experimental archaeology

Status: MA

Previous Degrees: BA (2006) University of California, Santa Cruz.

Research Areas: The Great Basin and California.

Contact Information: mrlenzi@hotmail.com

Biography: Mike is a second-year master's student specializing in prehistoric archaeology and the experimental replication and use of artifacts.  He has a rich background in cultural resource management.  Currently his research is focused on the experimental use of crescentic stone tools. Crescents are an uncommon artifact class associated with Late Pleistocene/ Early Holocene assemblages. The goal of this research is to determine the function of these enigmatic artifacts.

In addition to flintknapping, Mike also enjoys pecking petroglyphs, milling nuts and seeds, scraping hides, and building brush shelters.