Madeline Ware Van der Voort


Academic Interests: Great Basin Paleoindian lithic technology, prehistoric resource acquisition and mobility patterns, use-wear analysis, and cultural resource management.

Status: MA Student

Previous Degrees: BA (2009) Archaeology and Classical Studies, Hamilton College, Clinton NY
Contact Information:

Biography: Maddie is a second year Master's student. She's worked in upstate New York, northern California, southern Oregon, and Nevada, with both historic and prehistoric cultural resources. However, her passion lies in the Paleoindian Great Basin. She is currently working with an assemblage from southern Oregon, comparing experimental obsidian usewear with usewear on obsidian flakes from the Paleoindian/Early Archaic transition, specifically looking at lagomorph processing strategies. She is a graduate research assistant for the Great Basin Paleoindian Research Unit and the Prehistoric Lab Manager.