Lisa Lee


Academic Interests: Cultural anthropology, medical anthropology, applied anthropology, anthropology of religion, social movements, subcultures, identity, and body modification practices. Lisa is specifically interested in stigma, addiction, and harm reduction and how these intersect and inform personal agency-especially in relation to health-related decision-making.

Status: MA

Previous Degrees: BA in Anthropology with minors in Religious Studies and Sociology, University of Nevada, Reno (2014)

Contact Information:

Biography: Lisa is a third year Master's student interested in medical anthropology, applied anthropology, global processes, neoliberalism, identity, power, stigma, addiction, gender and "houselessness." Her current research focuses on the ways in which harm reduction as a counterdiscourse helps to frame how clients, volunteers, and staff shape and maintain the social space of a local syringe services program. She is currently a teaching assistant for ANTH 281 (Introduction to Language). Outside of the academic setting, Lisa is a proud mother of two, a wife (her partner is also a graduate student in the MPA program), and she loves traveling, volunteering, reading, camping, hiking, playing music, performance art, activism, belly dance, and of course spending time with her kids and dogs.