Laura Wilhelm


Academic Interests: Inter- and intra- cultural variation and consensus, social research, international civic engagement strategies and communication, gender, race, and identity, fraternalism, multiethnicity, applied research, academic/public partnerships.

Status: Ph.D. Candidate

PhD Dissertation Title: "It's not a Collective, It's a Personal Experience that Happens to be Shared:" How Philosophical Systems of Individualism are Sustained through Masonic Collaboration.

MA Thesis Title: Environmental and Conceptual Factors Affecting Building Design and Landscape in the Former United States Canal Zone, Panama

Previous Degrees: MA (2011), University of Nevada, Reno; BS (2005), Florida State University

Contact Information:; (775) 682-7625

Biography:  Laura is a Ph.D. candidate in cultural anthropology.  Her current research involves the formation of mutual-systems of morality, philosophical outlook, conduct, and civil activity cross-culturally (primarily in the United States and Colombia) through membership in the fraternal order of Freemasons. She plans to continue research with the ultimate goal of furthering the practical application of social research, bridging gaps between academic disciplines as well as between the academy and the public.