Kelly Heim

Chris Maier and Kelly Heim

Academic Interests: Biological Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, Dental Anthropology, Dental Development, Age of Estimation

Status: Ph.D. candidate

MA Thesis Title: Secular Change in the Rate of Dental Impaction

BA Thesis Title: Dental Genetic Traits of Selected Maya Burials from Wild Cane Cay and Moho Cay, Belize

Previous Degrees: MA Anthropology (2013), Louisiana State University; BA Anthropology (2011), Louisiana State University

Contact Information:

Biography: Kelly is a fifth year Ph.D. student with a love of teeth! Generally, her interests lie in the field of forensic anthropology. While getting her master's degree at LSU, she worked in the Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services (FACES) Lab under Ms. Mary Manhein, which fueled her passion to continue pursuing forensic anthropology as a career. She also loves teaching and has been honored to teach Introduction to Cultural Anthropology and Introduction to Physical Anthropology during her time at UNR.

Kelly's current academic interests are still focused in teeth. For her dissertation, she is creating a new subadult age estimation method from dental development to be used in the US. Current methods are either based on foreign populations or are outdated, so this method will be more applicable to the forensic context.

Publications, Presentations, or Projects:


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