Kari Sprengler


Academic Interests: Subsistence strategies in the late prehistoric and ethnohistoric periods, technological change in the ethnohistoric period, early Euro-American settlement

Status: MA Student

Previous degree: BA (2000), University of Iowa, Iowa City

Research Areas: Great Basin, Mojave Desert, California coastal interior

Contact Information: karisprengeler@yahoo.com

Biography: Kari is a fourth-year Master’s student. Her thesis research focuses on prehistoric hunting strategies in the Great Basin. The aim of this research is to identify factors involved in the choice to pursue communal hunting strategies over alternative hunting methodologies. Other research interests include pinyon pine nut gathering, the time investment involved in constructing residential structures and hunting features, the rapid technological change in the Great Basin in the post-contact era, communal gatherings, and early Euro-American settlements. Kari has been working as a professional archaeologist since 2000 and presently works as a field supervisor, crew leader, and the coordinator of field technicians for ASM Affiliates, Inc. in Reno.