Diana Malarchik


Academic Interests: Physical anthropology, forensic anthropology, dental morphology, and odontometrics

Status: MA

Previous Degrees: BA in Secondary Education with a minor in Spanish, University of Nevada, Reno (2010)

Contact Information: dianamalarchik@gmail.com

Biography: Diana is a second-year Master's student. Her interests are physical anthropology, forensic anthropology, and dental remains. Diana is currently working as the lab instructor for Physical Anthropology (ANTH 102), but has also served as a discussion leader for two semesters of Cultural Anthropology 101. Her thesis topic focuses on a Medieval/post-Medieval and modern Basque population from Vitoria, País Vasco, Spain, to examine dental odontometrics. She is hoping to continue this work in a PhD program after her graduation this December. Outside of the office Diana enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Conference Presentations:

  • Amanda Harvey, Roman Schomberg, Diana Malarchik, G. Richard Scott. "An Icelandic Saga of a Different Sort: High Frequencies of Antemortem Tooth Loss in Medieval Icelanders Compared to Greenlanders, Norwegians, and Danish Vikings." Podium presentation at 39stannual meeting of Paleopathology Association; Knoxville, TN, 2013.
  • Diana Malarchik. "Understanding the Context of Chemical Change: The Analysis of Household Corrosive Chemicals on the Periosteum of Bone" Poster Presentation at the 1st Annual Western Bioarchaeology Conference, Berkley, CA, 2013.
  • Diana Malarchik, Amanda Williams, G. Richard Scott. "The Black Sheep of Europe: Dental Odontometrics in Medieval, Post Medieval, and Modern Basque Populations from Vitoria, País Vasco, Spain" Poster Presentation for the 83rd AAPA Conference, Calgary, Canada 2014.
  • Diana Malarchik, G. Richard Scott, Amanda Williams, Roman Schomberg. "Basque Identity with an Emphasis on "Dent"". Poster Presentation at the 2nd Annual Western Bioarchaeology Conference, Las Vegas, NV 2014.