Danielle Felling


Academic Interests: Prehistoric archaeology, lithic analysis, peopling of the New World, Paleoindian mobility, raw material acquisition

Status: MA

Previous degree: BA (2013), University of Nevada, Reno

Research Areas: The Great Basin

Contact Information: dcfelling@gmail.com

Biography: Danielle is a first-year master’s student interested in Paleoindian mobility, lithic technology, and raw material procurement in the Great Basin. Her current research focuses on Last Supper Cave, a stratified cave located in northwest Nevada. Her research is aimed at analyzing the lithic technological organization of the Paleoindian component of the site and how the cave was used by early people in terms of mobility. Danielle is a Research Assistant and Lab Manager for the Great Basin Paleoindian Research Unit and has brief experience in cultural resource management as well as serving as a Teaching Assistant for the 2013 Warner Valley Field School in Great Basin Prehistory and Paleoecology.