Aria Overli

Academic Interests: Cultural anthropology, immigration, freedom of movement, power balances, North America, 1.5-generation immigrants, "il/legality," liminality, community, activist anthropology, public anthropology, applied anthropology, and intersectionality

Status: MA

Previous Degrees: Bachelor's in Political Science, UCLA (2011); Bachelor's in Anthropology and Women's Studies, UNR (2013)

Thesis Title: "I Ain't Tied to No Law:" 1.5-Generation Undocumented Immigrants and Alternative Paths to Inclusion

Contact Information:

Biography: Aria completed her Master's degree in cultural anthropology in December 2016. Her research looking sought to better understand the ways that undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as minors form inclusive and supportive communities in order to counteract their exclusion from citizenship. Her work with undocumented youth as an undergraduate at UCLA inspired her research, and she hopes that her research will help increase awareness about the struggles that undocumented immigrants face, as well as all that they have to offer the United States. Aria currently works as a Community Organizer for a local non-profit that organizes faith communities around issues of racial and economic justice.