Elaine Chu

Graduate Student
Elaine Chu


Current status: Ph.D. in progress

Ph.D. dissertation title: Ontogeny of Modern Body Size Variation

M.A. thesis title: Body Mass Estimation: Preliminary Population Specific Equations for South Texas Migrant Hispanics and an Evaluation of Geographic Variation within a Population

Elaine Chu is currently a Ph.D. student with primary interests in exploring aspects of human growth and development that shape skeletal variation. Her previous experience includes interning at a medical examiner’s office in Michigan, organizing and curating the donated skeletal collection at the Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State and working in humanitarian efforts to identify unidentified migrants on the Texas-Mexico border through Operation Identification (OpID), a volunteer effort associated with Texas State University. Chu is currently focused on applying robust computation methods of statistical analyses to questions explored in biological anthropology.

Academic interests

  • Human variation
  • Growth and development
  • Body size variation
  • Computational methods in anthropology


  • M.A., biological anthropology, Texas State University, 2018
  • B.S., anthropology, Michigan State University