Cortney Hulse

Graduate Student
Cortney Hulse


Current status: Ph.D. in progress

Ph.D. dissertation title: Blunt Force Trauma to the Ribs: Creating Predictive Models

M.A. thesis title: Quantifying Skeletal Thoracic Trauma

Cortney Hulse is a Ph.D. candidate in biological and forensic anthropology. She specializes in trauma analysis, specifically she studies statistical methodologies in quantifying blunt force trauma injuries. Her other interests include human rights and victim identification, as well as sex, age and ancestry estimation. Aside from her research, she has worked internationally and domestically in bioarcheological fieldwork and works with local law enforcement and medical examiners on forensic recoveries and identifications.

Academic interests

  • Forensic anthropology
  • Trauma analysis
  • Categorical statistical analysis

Selected publications

  • Hulse, C.N.; Stull, K.E.; Weaver, A. “Rib Fracture Frequency and Location Using Vehicular Crash Data” Forensic Anthropology, 2018.
  • Hulse, Cortney N. “Quantifying Thoracic Blunt Trauma” 2016, MA thesis, ISU Library
  • Stull, K., Kenyhercz, M., L'abbe, E., Tuamsuk,P., Hulse,C., Taysom, E,. "Sex Bais Asymmetry in Craniometric Variation of Modern South Africans." 2014.


  • M.A., anthropology, Idaho State University, 2016
  • B.A., anthropology, Idaho State University, 2013
  • A.A., general arts, Idaho State University, 2011