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Learn more about how to afford a graduate degree from the University of Nevada, Reno.

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Program Director: Sarah Cowie
Phone: (775) 682-7524

How do I apply?

Fall Application Deadline: December 15. Learn how to apply to the University of Nevada, Reno.

What will I learn with an advanced degree in anthropology?

Anthropology examines the diversity of human experience across culture and time. Anthropologists in the department study everything from human evolution to pre-history to life in a globalizing world. Because of this breadth of focus, anthropology is highly relevant to understanding and living in a rapidly changing world.

Students pursuing the Master of Arts degree must satisfy all graduate school requirements. A thesis is required. Optional tracks for the thesis include prehistoric/historical archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, or physical/biological anthropology.

The department also administers the historic preservation program. It participates in the Master of Science degree in land-use planning policy, described in the interdisciplinary and special programs section of the University General Course Catalog.

Application process

Anthropology Graduate Handbook

Read through the anthropology master's degree handbook to find out if this advanced degree program is right for you.

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