Occupational Health Program

Mandatory Enrollment

All persons who will be significantly exposed to live vertebrate animals within the research and teaching programs at the University must enroll in the IACUC's Occupational Health program, as delineated within our campus-wide standards for animal care and use and in compliance with Public Health Service Policy and AAALAC International. As a component of the program, this involves you and your supervisor completing a job-specific risk assessment form and an Animal Use Health Questionnaire. These completed questionnaires are reviewed by a contracted licensed health care professional at Specialty Health Medical Clinic in Reno relative to your stated roles on animal projects and your allergy and immunization history. The information contained in the health questionnaires is kept confidential. Medical follow-up, possibly including immunization updates and other preventive medicine actions or recommendations from the health provider is offered without cost to you. Health clearance statements are then sent to the IACUC Office to confirm your completion of this step. Please be aware that you may decline participation as shown in the front sections of the questionnaire, and you may then choose to participate at any later time. While either option is acceptable, you must at a minimum complete and return the form (see below) before you will be allowed to work with vertebrate animals in the campus research and teaching programs. Due to the potential for changing health conditions (including animal allergies), persons enrolled in this program must submit an updated Animal Use Health Questionnaire every three years. The IACUC office will remind you when that is due.

For some types of work and/or based on physician recommendations, you will be asked to participate in the respiratory protection program, which is administered through the University's EH&S Occupational Health program area. The University’s Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire will also need to be filled out in such cases. Read more about the respiratory protection program as well as other campus-wide occupational health topics through EH&S. Please contact your supervisor if you have additional questions about this issue. When it is applicable to your circumstance, a copy of the respirator medical evaluation questionnaire will be provided for you to fill out. For respiratory protection regarding animal related work at the University, you will submit your completed form to the IACUC office as listed below.

Return the completed Animal Use Health Questionnaire form to the office address listed below, where it will then be forwarded to the Specialty Health Medical Clinic. In this way, your participation in this program element can be tracked for expeditious handling and approval. Enclose it in a sealed envelope, writing your name on the outside of the envelope.

IACUC Office
Ross Hall Room 202, MS 0325
University of Nevada, Reno
1664 N. Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89557

Phone (775) 682-6571