Medical Students

Pennington Medical Education Building

Nevada's School of Medicine serves every county in the state.


Medical student admissions are handled independently by the School of Medicine. Applications and more information can be found on the school's website, University of Nevada School of Medicine.

The University of Nevada School of Medicine is a member of the Association of American Medical Colleges and participates in the American Medical College Application Services (AMCAS), a web-based application service. AMCAS processes applications, then sends them to our office.

The School of Medicine requires that every applicant applies through AMCAS and that the applicant designates the University of Nevada School of Medicine to receive their complete, verified AMCAS application. If an applicant has not applied specifically to the University through AMCAS, their application will not be considered for further review. The Office of Admissions and Student Affairs coordinates the admissions process once an applicants AMCAS application is received. This process includes secondary applications; interviews, transcript review of required coursework and other parts of the admissions process.

The medical school receives an average of three to four applications for each available space. Sixty-two students are accepted each year.

Most accepted students are Nevada residents, with the balance of students coming from western states with no medical schools. The class is diverse, representing different genders, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds and geographic regions.

Nevada students are competitive and selected for top residency programs. Selected basic science departments are ranked in the top 10th percentile in per capita funding from the National Institutes of Health. Nevada's affordable tuition is one of the best values in medical education. Specific admissions requirements and more information on the process can be found here.