1,303: Terminations and Partial Payments of "B" Contracts and Graduate Assistants

Last Revised: August 2005

A "PAF" should be filed three weeks in advance of the expected termination date. The Employee Separation Notification on the Human Resources website should be completed by the department as soon as they are notified that an employee is separating from the department. The department should refer to the Employee Separation Checklist on the Human Resources website to ensure that all items are cleared before the employee separates from service. If the person appointed by contract is an academic year ("B" contract or graduate assistant) appointee and such person should fail for any reason to complete both the fall and spring semesters, he/she shall be entitled to receive the total salary which would result by multiplying the number of days actually worked by the rate per day, calculated by dividing the work days in a semester into one semester's contract salary. Should this person, as a result of a twelve monthly installment method of salary payment, have already received a greater amount than the above formula would produce, he shall return the excess payment within thirty days after interruption of service. This provision is applicable to persons who resign, are discharged for cause or are granted leave of absence without pay. It does not modify any applicable sick leave benefits.