1,301: Professional Staff and Graduate Assistant Payroll

Last Revised: August 2005

All professional employees and graduate assistants will be paid monthly in conformity with their individual contracts or letters of appointment (for use of letter of appointment, refer to section 2,511). Monthly payments on contracts or letters of appointments issued for other than an academic semester or year should approximate the effort expanded by the individual during that month. For example, a person employed March 16 through May 15 for $1000 should receive approximately $250 March 31, $500 April 30, and approximately $250 May 31. Salary checks shall be distributed on the last working day of each month for that month. Salary checks will not be released before the scheduled payday nor will advances be made against payroll.

During the academic year, a graduate student enrolled for 3 or more credits is considered a full-time student and is exempt from FICA/Medicare taxes unless the student is enrolled in a class during first or second term of summer session.

Updated salary changes will be posted on the Human Resources website within 30 days of approval.