1,014: Plant Fund Group

Last Revised: May 1998

The plant fund group consists of funds related to the physical assets of the university. This fund group includes the following:

Unexpended Plant Funds: Unexpended plant funds are those funds which have been authorized for capital projects purposes (construction). These funds are accounted for on a project (appropriation) basis.

Funds for Retirement of Indebtedness: Retirement of indebtedness funds are those funds which have been established to accumulate certain reserves for payment of debts. Retirement of indebtedness funds (debt service funds) may be established by bond covenants, legislative action, or other debt instrument requirements. All payments of long-term debt are accounted for through these funds.

Investment in Plant Funds: The investment in plant funds is a fund classification established to record the assets of the university as well as the liabilities for long-term debt.