2,540: Payment and/or Reimbursement of Moving Expenses

Revised: June 2014

If an employee is hired into a continuing position and moved from a location which is at least 50 miles from the new location, institutional funds may be used to pay for or reimburse the employee for certain specified moving expenses (pursuant to the State Administrative Manual, sections 0238.0-0252.0)

  1. Relocation travel for the employee and immediate family members: Travel expenses may be claimed for a one-way, economy class (or equivalent) airplane ticket; or reimbursement for use of a private automobile for one-way direct travel by the employee and/or spouse using the per diem, subsistence, and mileage allowances detailed in state travel regulations.
  2. Moving of household goods: Expenses may be claimed for moving up to 18,000 pounds of household goods in accordance with state moving regulations. Office and professional materials deemed essential to the successful performance of the employee are not counted against the household goods limit.

The expenditure of institutional funds (state and non-state) must not exceed the costs, permitted by state travel and moving regulations, incurred by the employee. The amount of state funds expended for a given employee cannot exceed 1/12 of the average university academic faculty salary ("B" contract base) as reported to the AAUP in the previous academic year (the amount is updated every July 1; $7,421 for FY 2016-2017; $7,498 for FY 2017-2018).

If a unit wishes to pay or reimburse a newly hired employee for those expenses, it must forward a request to the respective vice president through the appropriate administrative channels (i.e., chair, dean and/or director). A "Request for Moving Expenses Reimbursement" form is available. The request must identify the position by number and title/rank. It must indicate the amount requested and the source of the funds to be used.

If approved, the authorized moving expense may be paid directly to a moving company on behalf of the employee using the requisition/purchase order process through the Purchasing Department or through use of a university purchasing card, in accordance with limits outlined in UAM Section 1,507: Basic Purchasing Procedure. A "Request for Payment" (with original itemized receipts attached) may also be used to directly reimburse the employee for the authorized moving expense. A copy of the approved "Request for Moving Expenses Reimbursement" must be attached to the requisition, purchasing card "statement of account," or to the "Request for Payment."

Note: As the payment or reimbursement of these expenses may create a tax liability, the advice and assistance of a tax attorney or other tax professional should be obtained by the employee.