Captioning Resources

Captioning Videos Correctly

Captioning videos and presentations is an essential part of accessibility. Not only does it allow users who are deaf or obtain loss of hearing to follow along with a video, but it can also aid non-native English speakers to follow along, help those who are learning English, and allow users to search through the text content to a specific point in the video. Captions should be sychronized with the video at all times, and contain the right text.

How to:

There are two ways to insert captions into a video or presentation.

  • Outsources

Initially, someone else can do it. Resources such as Rev Captions, and 3PlayMedia are video captioning services online, but are a pay per minute when using.

  • By Yourself

There are many tools available online to be able to caption a video yourself. Depending on the project, here are a few resources in captioning videos properly.

  1. Captioning Resources (Teaching and Learning Technologies)
  2. Accessibility Checklist (Teaching and Learning Technologies)
  3. Audio and Video Technology (Portland Community College)