Creating Accessible Content

General Guidelines

  • Ensure that all images have descriptive ALT text, including charts and graphs.
  • Ensure that color is not the sole means by which information is conveyed.
  • Ensure that any animations present are necessary, and that the flicker rate is lower than 2Hz or greater than 55Hz. Animations within these frequencies may trigger epileptic seizures.
  • Ensure that any videos used are accessible and provide synchronized captions.
  • Ensure that correct heading structure is followed.
  • Ensure that users of screen readers have the ability to skip lengthy navigation menus.
  • Ensure that content can be zoomed to 200% without severely distorting the formatting, requiring excessive scrolling, or otherwise losing functionality.
  • Ensure that all links are descriptive, and avoid using generic titles such as "Click Here."
  • Ensure language tags are used correctly.
  • Establish a plan to provide an equal alternate form of access if web-based content is not accessible to everyone.

Use the links below to test your content for accessibility and find resources to create accessible content.