QA InfoTech

The University has entered into a contract with QA InfoTech (company website) for content accessibility checking and remediation. QA InfoTech can check content for accessibility, can remediate existing webpages to make them accessible, can create new accessible webpages, and can remediate documents for accessibility, including PDFs, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, among others.

Remediation costs

For accessibility checking and remediation, the cost is based solely on the type of service offered with a per page cost or an hourly rate outlined below.

Q A InfoTech remediation rates
Service Description Rates
1 hour of Web Accessibility QA $22.50/hour
1 hour of Web Accessibility Development or Remediation $27.00/hour
1 Document page remediation for fillable forms $15.00
1 Document Page remediation for non-interactive page $2.50
1 Document page remediation for non-interactive OCR page $3.00
1 Document page remediation for a non-interactive non-English page $3.20

For example, if you were to request a single, non-interactive PDF page to be remediated, the cost would be $2.50 for the page as well as $27.00 for the hour of work, so the total would be $29.50.

How to submit a remediation request for QA InfoTech

Requests for this new resource are processed by submitting them through the QA Work Order Request Form. Submitted forms are delivered to QA InfoTech's team and the University's Software Accessibility Information Office to simplify support and statements of work.

If you have additional questions, you can contact the Software Accessibility Information Office by emailing