More on the Core Curriculum

The foundation of your degree

The Core Humanities sequence and English 102 are required of all students. The remaining group components of the Core allow you, the student, to build your own experience by selecting courses of greatest interest. Please note that some majors have specific requirements within the Core as related to the degree. Always consult the requirements for your major when selecting core curriculum courses. This frequently applies to Math, the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences and Capstones. The Core Curriculum experience is considered to be the hallmark of the University graduate.

Basic skills are emphasized throughout the core curriculum courses. Not only in English 102 and the preliminary English 101, if necessary, but also throughout the core curriculum, students will write and have their writing critiqued and graded for quality. The purpose is not only to encourage mastery of a set of skills, but also to allow students to think, to see connections among ideas, and to reach meaningful conclusions. The development of effective oral communication skills by students is also emphasized in each core curriculum course. To the degree possible, the application of mathematical skills is also incorporated throughout the university curriculum particularly in the core science courses.

Requirements for graduation include the successful completion of two capstones. At least one capstone course must be taken outside the major department. Capstones represent the opportunity for in-depth study. The general capstone offers the student the arena for realizing the interrelationship of many areas of study throughout their undergraduate career.