The precise requirement depends on a student's major. Please see your advisor and consult degree requirements.

Core Math provides students with a basic understanding of math skills and concepts. Familiarity with math is essential for success in other core areas and is a foundational skill for most careers.

You will be placed in your first math course based upon your ACT or SAT scores. The chart below shows the minimum scores necessary for entry into each math class.

ACT < 19 or SAT < 470ACT 19 or SAT 470ACT 22 or SAT 500ACT 27 or SAT 610ACT 28 or SAT 630
Math 095* Math 096* Math 120
Math 126 R
Math 127 R
Math 128
Math 131
Math 176
APST 270
STAT 152
Math 181

*Does not satisfy core

More on math core curriculum requirements can be found in the General Course Catalog.

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