Fine Arts

The following courses satisfy the Fine Arts requirement in the original Core Curriculum.

For courses that satisfy Silver Core CO7, please view the General Catalog, select the 2016 Draft Catalog in the dropdown menu, and select 7. Core Curriculum in the sidebar.

ART 100 Visual Foundations
ART 124 Introduction to Printmaking
ART 141 Introduction to Digital Photography
ART 151 Introduction to Time-Based Media/Videography
ART 208 Fiber Arts
ART 211 Ceramics I
ART 214 Introduction to Book Art: Intersection of Art and Design
ART 216 Sculpture I
ART 231 Painting I
ART 252 Cinema I/the Silent Era
ART 253 Cinema II-Sound Era
ART 260 Survey of Art History
ART 261 Survey of Art History II
DAN 101 Dance Appreciation
DAN 266 History of Dance II: 20th Century
DAN 467  Dance Criticisms and Aesthetics
ENG 261 Introduction to Poetry
MUS 121 Music Appreciation
MUS 122 Survey of Jazz
MUS 123 History of American Popular Song
MUS 124 History of the American Musical Theatre
MUS 341 Music History I
MUS 342 Music History II
MUSA 151-173 Complete three one-credit music instruction classes
MUSE 101-193 Complete three one-credit music performance classes
PHIL 202 Introduction to the Philosophy of the Arts
SOTA 101 Introduction to the Arts
THTR 100 Introduction to the Theatre
THTR 105 Introduction to Acting
THTR 210 Theatre: a Cultural Context

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