What is a Degree?

A degree is an award given based on completion of a series of requirements.

Most students attend the University to earn a degree. In simplified terms, a degree is an award given based on completion of specific requirements. Students essentially enter into a contract with the University and agree to complete these requirements in exchange for a degree.

Here are the steps:

  1. Declare a major: Students must first choose and formally declare to pursue a specific degree (also known as a major). Many students choose to pursue multiple degrees at the same time.
  2. Satisfy the Core Curriculum requirements: The University maintains a Core Curriculum detailing sets of courses all students must take. Academic advisors can help students pick which core classes best fit their degree program.
  3. Satisfy the requirements of the major: Along with the core curriculum, students must also take courses to satisfy the requirements of their degree program.
  4. Apply for graduation: When students near the end of satisfying all the core and degree program requirements, they should apply for graduation. This is typically done the semester before all the requirements are completed.