Academics 101

Hilliard Plaza at night

Finding your way in the world of academia

Coming to the University is like entering another world. Exciting things going on, new concepts and new ways of getting things done.

We want to make the transition as straightforward as possible, that's why we built this section to help acclimate you to the University. Here we are going to lay out the basics of being at the University, including important terms and how to get things done.

What is a degree?

Basically, a degree is a collection of classes that satisfies all the requirements of the university and degree program.
What is a Degree?

Know the Catalog

The general catalog contains all the official policies of the University. It's also a huge document, so check in here to learn more.

Registering for Classes

After you've been at the University, registering will be natural. But for your first time, we've created a beginner's guide for registering for your classes.

Academic Terms

Credits, majors, prerequisites.... There are a lot of terms at a university you may not be familiar with.

Where do I go to...

The University is big. Use this cheat sheet to help you get done what you need to get done.
Where to go to...

Who's my advisor?

Your academic advisor is the best person to ask questions related to finishing your degree on time and under budget.
Who's my advisor?