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Looking for step-by-step tutorials for MyNEVADA? Visit the MyNEVADA Help page.

When will my final exam be?

Your final exam schedule is available in MyNEVADA. To learn how to find this schedule, please view this tutorial.

What is my NSHE ID?

The NSHE ID is a new system-wide ID that you will carry with you between institutions in the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE). Whether a student at Nevada or TMCC, you'll have the same number. Certain bio/demographic information is shared between the institutions so you only have to make items like name change at one place. This number takes the place of the R number for current students.

My name is incorrect. How do I correct it?

Part of the transition to the new system involved a merger of many different databases. This will allow you change your name in one single location; however, the downside is that if your name was incorrect in another database a one time correction will be needed.

  • Misspelling (including compound names): Contact Admissions and Records at 784-4700 to correct or email
  • Former name (if you have already changed your name with Admissions and Records in the past): Contact Admissions and Records at 784-4700 to correct or email . Assuming we have the documentation on file, we can correct it easily.

Documentation may be required by NSHE Policy. If you are or have ever been an employee of the university (including student employee), you will need to make any changes with Human Resources rather than Admissions and Records.

I'm having trouble logging into the system. What do I do?

If you are having trouble logging on to the system, first try the online assistance under "MyNEVADA Login Help".  If these are not successful, please call the Help Desk at 775/682-5000.

As with any new system, there have been some challenges we are working through to get all users into the system.  Several of the issues we are aware of and working toward a resolution, but please continue to let us know about any error messages you continuously receive when trying to log in.

Once I'm logged into MyNEVADA, how do I actually enroll?

On the front page of your Student Center, there is a hyperlink to "Enroll" under your Academics. From there you will select classes and put them into your shopping cart. Once your Enrollment Appointment time has come, you go back to your shopping cart and follow the steps to ENROLL (like checking out with any shopping website).

Is there a place that I can go and get help with the system?

Yes. We have many opportunities including drop in sessions for students and faculty, help documents available, and we're also only an email or phone call away. Please check our Training Information section for details.

How do I know if a lab or discussion section is limited to those enrolled in a certain lecture section?

Most of the classes with lecture/lab components (or discussion) will still have a primary lecture and then specific labs to choose from depending on which lecture section you choose. When you enroll, you'll pick a lecture section and then it will come up with options for the associated lab section. However, when you are just doing a search for classes, you will see the entire selection of sections. Here's how to tell which labs/discussions are associated with which lecture:

  • Lecture sections have section numbers 100X (ex. 1001, 1002). They also have an "LEC" next to the section number in the search results.
  • Lab/Discussion sections will have a second digit that relates to the lecture section with which they are associated. They also have an "LAB" or "DIS" next to the section number is the search results. For example, section 1101 would be a lab associated with the first section of lecture - 1001. Section 12 01 would be associated with section 1002.

In the class search, can I see how many spots there are left in a class?

Yes. When you do a class search, click on the hyper-link of the section number. There you will see lots of information including how many spaces there are in the class and how many are currently enrolled.

When can I enroll?

You will receive an individual enrollment appointment through MyNEVADA under Enrollment Dates.  For more information, visit the MyNevada blog.