Drop or Withdraw

We're sorry that you need to drop a class or withdraw. If you haven't considered it already, we encourage you to seek assistance from the Math Center, the Writing Center or the Tutoring Center.

If you still need to proceed, please see the appropriate section below.

Dropping a Class

  1. Log on to MyNEVADA
  2. Select the "Student Center"
  3. Select the "Enroll" tab
  4. Select the "Drop" tab
  5. Select the class or classes you want to drop.
  6. Select "Proceed to 2 of 3"
  7. Select "Finish Dropping"

Withdrawing from the University

  1. Using the "Dropping a Class" instructions above, ensure that you have dropped all of your classes.
  2. Check with Financial Aid to see if withdrawing has any financial implications. More details to be added on this soon.