Graduate in Four Years

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself at the beginning of your education here at the University is, "What do I need to do to finish in four years?" That might seem like it's a long way off and you don't need to think about it yet, but there are some good reasons for planning out how you're going to graduate in four years:

A Four Year Graduation Plan
How to Do It

  1. Consult regularly with your advisor. Let them know that your goal is to graduate in four years and take advantage of their knowledge and skills.
  2. Plan out all the classes you'll need to take to graduate using the Planner tool in MyNEVADA. This will involve learning about when classes are offered and making sure you plan around conflicts before they derail your plans. On average, plan on 15-18 credits a semester.
  3. Use your degree audit. Starting in Fall of 2011, MyNEVADA will enable you to look over your academic progress to date. Check this report regularly to ensure you are on track and that your records are accurate.
  1. Potential Income- As soon as you graduate, you open the door to jobs that weren't available to you before. When you graduate, you could be earning significantly more simply because you are a graduate. Let's compare the earnings of an average student position vs. a position you become eligible for as a college grad.
    • Student Position - (Minimum wage) x (hours worked), i.e. $8.25 x 25hrs = $206.25 per week/$825 per month/$9,900 per year.
    • College Grad Position - $35,000 salaried (this will vary by career), plus benefits and paid time off
    • That's a difference of $25,000! This is money you could use to pay off debt, save for a down payment on a house, take a tropical vacation or just eat something beside Top Ramen. By graduating in four years you can get a head start on a career and reap the benefits of your education.
  2. Avoid Interest on Loans - Many student loans are accruing interest the entire time you're in school. So if you are in school an additional year, that's an additional year of interest you're paying. That's the difference of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The sooner you start paying your loans, the less interest you're going to be paying.  
  3. Experience the World - College is an amazing time, but college is also meant to prepare you to experience and enjoy the other amazing things in this world. If you take an extra year of classes, that's a year that you can't pursue other dreams in life. What would you do with an extra year? Spend time with friends and family? Travel? Write a book? Graduate in four years and find out.
  4. Impress Employers - Graduating in four years requires planning and discipline. By graduating in four years, you set yourself apart from the crowd for future employers. When you're fresh out of school, every edge helps.