Undecided Advising Information

Students Studying on CampusBeing undecided in your major is not uncommon.  Of college-bound high school students, approximately 80% are undecided on a major.  With over 70 degree programs at the university, the process of finding the major that fits a student best can be daunting.  The Advising Center is here to help guide students to the resources and tools to make an informed major and career decision.  To facilitate this process, the Advising Center has several different ways of getting students in the right direction.

Individual Academic Advising

All freshmen are required to meet with an advisor for their first two semesters.  Understanding the process of deciding a major does not end after two semesters, undeclared students have the benefit of continued one-on-one advising every semester until they have declared a major.  During this time, students are exposed to more resources to help them make their decision and to keep them on track for graduation.

University policy requires undeclared students to be in a declared major by the time they earn 60 semester credits.  Undeclared transfer students who have transferred more than 60 credits have one semester to declare their major.  Students beyond the 60 credits (or one semester grace period for transfer students) will have an enrollment hold on their account that will not be removed until a major is declared.  This policy can be found in the online catalog.

Academic and Career Exploration (ACE) Courses

The Advising Center offers courses to help students formally explore their academic and career options through a six-week course.  ACE 100 (Academic and Career Exploration) is designed for first-semester freshmen and ACE 210R (Academic and Career Decision-Making) is designed for second-semester freshmen and sophomores.  For more information on these courses, visit the Academic and Career Exploration page.

Advising Center Workshops

The Advising Center offers an array of workshops that are geared toward guiding students through the academic and career exploration process.  These workshops are conducted by trained presenters on a variety of topics.  For a more detailed list of workshops, you can visit our Advising Center Workshops page.

Tools for Undecided Students