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Mission Statement

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The University of Nevada, Reno was constitutionally established in 1874 as Nevada's land grant university. In that historical role, the University has emerged as a nationally and internationally recognized, comprehensive, doctoral-granting institution of higher education.


The University of Nevada, Reno is an internationally-respected, high quality, accessible, arts and sciences university, fully engaged with Nevada's citizens, communities, and governments to improve economic and social progress.

University Mission Statement

The University of Nevada, Reno:

  • Prepares graduates to compete in a global environment through teaching and learning in high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees in the liberal arts, sciences, and selected professions in agriculture, medicine, engineering, health care, education, journalism, and business;
  • Creates new knowledge through basic and applied research, scholarship, and artistry, in strategically selected fields relevant to Nevada and the wider world;
  • Improves economic and social development by engaging Nevada's citizens, communities, and governments; and
  • Respects and seeks to reflect the gender, ethnic,  cultural, and ability/disability diversity of the citizens of Nevada in its academic and support programs, and in the composition of its faculty, administration, staff, and student body.

Goals of the University of Nevada, Reno

  • Serve as an accessible, comprehensive, doctoral-granting research university with characteristics of a high-quality liberal arts university and Nevada's land grant university, combining undergraduate and graduate education, fundamental and applied research, and engagement with Nevada's citizens, industry and governments.
  • Serve Nevada's traditional mining, agricultural, gaming, manufacturing, news and logistics industries, and the emerging renewable energy resource industries, with professional workforce preparation, modernizing research, and involvement in innovation.
  • Prepare Nevada and Nevadans for the diversified knowledge economy.
  • Cooperate to prepare Nevada youth to participate in the world economy through education.
  • Improve the physical and mental health of Nevadans.
  • Enhance sustainable environmental quality in Nevada.
  • Participate in Intercollegiate Athletics with success in sports competition and success in graduation and character-building of student athletes.
  • Build the University's infrastructure to provide facilities, operations, and policies which enhance the productivity of students and personnel in fulfillment of the University's missions.

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