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The following is a set of photos and video clips from the BalloonSat and CanSat Programs, 2005-2007.
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CanSats 2007

Highlights from Rover Testing at White Lake, NV - June 2007

BalloonSats (more available on the mission summary page)

Highlights from the latest mission 11-10-06, where new heights were reached..
53.3 MB
MPEG-4 v2 video

CanSats 2006

Using the red parachute to test the Rover's color tracking capabilities. Olè!
Not only did the Rover need to track the parachute, hopefully it would also know when it was close enough and stop!
Early testing of GPS and compass navigation algorithms at times did not benefit from the use of a real robot!
Waypoint test over rough terrain.. Will the Rover make it?
The Rover uses GPS and compass to race toward a waypoint. 0-10: 1.2 seconds
4-wheel independent suspension and a tougher chassis shine when negotiating them pesky ruts.
"o.k. Rover, go spin around aimlessly." - testing skid-steering.. Got low CG?
Turning in place tended to be particularly rough on gearboxes and prompted us to work on lowering the Rover's weight.


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