Technical requirements for online classes

Please be sure you meet the appropriate technical requirements for an online course. The University of Nevada, Reno uses Canvas (called WebCampus at our University) for its online classes. Students enrolled in online learning classes will need access to a computer, access to the Internet and a supported web browser.

Each version of Canvas supports specific browsers. It is very important that you use a compatible browser and configure your browser settings to work effectively with WebCampus. Browser information is available on the Canvas Community website.

Using WebCampus

Your course site will have instructions on how to submit assignments, access the discussion board and use other features in WebCampus. Assignments are due on specific days and by specific times, and all proctored exams must be taken within the assigned dates.

Technical issues are not considered valid excuses for handing in late work. WebCampus can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. If you experience technical problems on your home computer, you have the option of using a colleague’s or family member’s computer, an on-campus or public library computer, etc. It is also your responsibility to be certain assignments are submitted properly and received by your instructor.

Technical skills

Motivation and organization are necessary skills required for online learning. Students must organize themselves for every aspect of class, including submitting assignments by the indicated deadlines and scheduling and taking tests within the designated time frames. Although online learning provides a flexible modality of study, the rules for successful completion are rigid. Therefore, accommodations cannot be made when students deviate from the expectations as stated on the course site.

If you are registered for an online course, it is assumed that you have the basic computer skills necessary for participating in and completing a class online. Knowing how to use email and navigate the Internet is essential. Familiarity with your computer, its programs, and its operating system will help you succeed as an online student. Students must be able to send messages to their instructor, upload attachments, post assignments, communicate with other students, and navigate the course site. Your instructor should not be relied upon as a technical tutor for the course.