Civility and class conduct


It is the student’s responsibility to contribute to the maintenance of a campus environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and diversity. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a civil manner that contributes to a positive learning environment for all.

Harassment of one individual by another—in person, via email or in electronic discussions—is uncivil behavior, which can pollute the learning environment and discourage the open expression of ideas on academic subjects.

365 Learning and the University are committed to an orderly learning environment that protects the right of free speech, and do not tolerate personal intimidation of any kind.

Class Conduct

Students may be dropped from class at any time for negligence or misconduct, upon recommendation of the instructor and with approval of the college dean. Students may also be dropped for non-attendance upon indication of the instructor.

Non-attendance in an online class consists of one or more of the following: not logging into the WebCampus course on at least a bi-weekly basis, not working on and submitting assignments on a weekly basis and not participating in discussions by the dates assigned.