Testing Accommodations

In an effort to provide you with successful testing accommodations, 365 Learning has provided step-by-step instructions below. If you require alternative testing services, we strongly encourage you to complete the following steps within the first two weeks of the semester, if possible.

Step 1: Communicate Needs with the Disability Resource Center, 365 Learning, and Your Instructor

If you require alternative testing services, you must contact your instructor(s), the Disability Resource Center (DRC), and 365 Learning. Whenever possible, you are encouraged to complete this step within the first two weeks of the semester. This step ensures that all parties are aware of the need for accommodation, and are adequately prepared to handle it in due time.

Step 2: Complete an Accommodation Request Form

Next, meet with the DRC to complete an Accommodation Request Form for each class you take per semester. The form must be submitted to the 365 Learning office as early as possible—within the first two weeks of class—so that the accommodation can be properly granted in due time. 365 Learning will provide your instructor with a copy of this form. Please do not submit this form to your instructor.

It is your responsibility to complete and submit the Accommodation Request form to 365 Learning as early in the semester as possible. The form serves as communication between, you, the DRC, and 365 Learning, and it specifies what type of accommodation needs to be made. It is very difficult to grant the proper accommodations if 365 Learning has not received the completed form. Please also note that testing accommodations cannot be granted retroactively.

Step 3: Schedule Your Exams

Once your Accommodation Request Form has been processed you will receive a confirmation email from 365 Learning. It will be your responsibility to schedule your exam to be taken either at the DRC, or in the 365 Learning testing room.

To schedule a test at the 365 Learning testing room:

  • Click on the “Schedule Exam” icon located on the homepage of your class in WebCampus.
  • Click on the link for “Scheduling an Appointment with 365 Learning.”
  • Follow the steps in the online appointment scheduler.
  • Be sure to print this email and bring it with you to your exam appointment.

Should you wish to test in the DRC testing center, please set up an appointment to meet with a testing coordinator by:

  • Phone: (775) 784-6000
  • Visiting the Pennington Student Achievement Center (PSAC) Suite 230

You may also email DRCTesting@unr.edu with your preferred date and time. Be sure to take into consideration business hours and exam submission deadline times when scheduling your exam, and schedule your appointment early enough in the day to allow for your extended exam time accommodations.

Regardless of which test preference you choose, please be aware that all standard examination rules apply. Please see 365 Learning’s Supervised/Proctored Examinations page for more information.