Supervised/Proctored Examinations

General Information

Rigorous testing policies and procedures are required of an accredited university; therefore, every Online Learning course must include at least one mandatory exam that is administered in a proctored/supervised setting in the 365 Learning testing room on the University of Nevada, Reno campus.

Students are required to take all proctored exams. Students cannot pass the class without passing at least one proctored exam. (A passing grade is 60% or higher.) Please see the Proctored Exam Policy for more information. Students may not retake proctored exams under any circumstance.

Students who fail to complete all proctored activities will not receive course credit.

Testing at 365 Learning

Students are required to make an appointment with 365 Learning at least two weeks in advance through the online appointment scheduler. Waiting until the week of the exam may result in no testing appointments being available. Failure to schedule exams in a timely manner could mean that you are unable to complete your test during the assigned dates, and you will be assigned a grade of “0” for the exam.

The 365 Learning testing schedule will show what testing hours are available for the week of your exam. Most weeks, testing hours are Monday through Friday from 7:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., but there will be several weeks when testing hours will be extended. Please check the online appointment system and your course site for available days and hours the week of your test. If you have chosen the last testing timeslot of the day, and you arrive late to your testing appointment, your time will be reduced. Any cancellations and reschedules must be made online; no cancellations or reschedules will be allowed over the phone or in person. If your desired date and time for a reschedule is not available or if the scheduler has closed, you must keep your scheduled appointment time.

Important note about exam appointments: 365 Learning may not be able to accommodate early check-ins to exam appointments or drop-in appointments. These last-minute changes will only be permitted if the testing schedule allows them. Drop-in exam appointments are strongly discouraged and will only be accommodated if space allows. Students who take their exams without an appointment or at a time other than their scheduled appointment will be charged a $50 drop-in fee. If an exam appointment is scheduled but cannot be kept, it needs to be rescheduled via the online appointment scheduler. If the exam schedule is full, exam appointments cannot be rescheduled and students must keep their original appointments.

Testing Policies

All students must review the testing policies listed below before accessing their proctored exam. During your testing session, once you have read the following information, you will need to click “Mark as done” at the top of the Testing Policies page in WebCampus in order to begin your exam. These policies are accessed in the “Proctored Exams” module in WebCampus.

Authorized Materials

  • Unless authorized to access other materials on your computer, you must remain within the exam site at all times. Attempting to access external websites and/or course materials in your WebCampus course site is never permitted and will invalidate your exam, resulting in a grade of “0.”
  • You may not use notes unless otherwise noted in your course site. Any unpermitted materials (including smart devices, such as cell phones and smart watches) are not allowed in the testing room.
  • If you are suspected of using unauthorized materials, your proctor will interrupt your testing session to confirm that you are in compliance of this policy; loss of time during these security checks will not be added to your overall exam time.
  • If you are found using unauthorized materials of any kind (including smart devices) your exam will be invalidated, and you will receive a failing mark on the exam.

Academic Dishonesty

  • Your testing session will be recorded. If your proctor or a 365 Learning employee suspects that a violation of testing policies and/or cheating has occurred, a record of your activity will be consulted during and/or after the completion of the exam.
  • If you are found in violation of testing policies and/or caught cheating during the exam, you will receive a failing mark on the exam, which will likely result in a failing grade for the course. In the case of suspected cheating, your instructor will be notified. In addition, cases of academic dishonesty are reported to the University’s Office of Student Conduct.

Exam Submission

Only click “Submit Quiz” when you are completely finished with your exam. Submissions are final, so if you submit your exam without completing it, you will not be able to regain access to the exam.

Students are responsible for following and adhering to these testing room rules and procedures:

  • Students may not leave the testing room for any reason (using the bathroom, adding money to the parking meter, making phone calls, etc.). Once an exam has started, it must be completed in one sitting.
  • No materials of any kind may be used (unless specified on your exam instructions) and all personal items must be put away in the provided lockers. Items of clothing, cell phones, books, etc., are not allowed on the exam desk.
  • Cell phones, other “smart” devices, and any other electronic devices are not allowed in the testing room.
  • If you use scratch paper for your exam, all sheets must be turned in with your exam. If scratch paper is needed, please ask a 365 Learning staff member.
  • If you are caught cheating in the 365 Learning testing room, your exam will be deemed invalid and you’ll be assigned a grade of “0.” Receiving a “0” on an exam may result in failing the course.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to follow all instructions listed on the exam; please read instructions carefully prior to starting your exam.
  • All students must follow and acknowledge the exam room rules.


Before you will be allowed to take your exam, you will need to confirm your identity with your proctor.

When you arrive at the 365 Learning testing room, you must present picture identification before the test will be administered. A driver’s license, state photo identification card, passport, or UNR student ID card with a picture are the only forms of identification acceptable for this purpose. No other forms of ID will be accepted. Proctors may ask to see additional forms of identification, so we recommend you bring at least two forms of photo ID.

A note of caution regarding exams

Please be reminded that certain actions may invalidate your test and result in a grade of “0”:

  1. Cheating on an exam. Cheating immediately warrants a “0” on the test, possible failure in the course, or other disciplinary action as outlined by the Academic Standards Policy in the University Administrative Manual.
  2. Leaving the testing area before the exam is completed. Once the exam has begun, you must sit for its duration. Breaks for any reason are not allowed.
  3. Making notes or copying parts of the exam. You cannot take any notes away from the test site or write down any information about the exam, even if it’s intended only for personal use.
  4. Not scheduling an exam appointment time. Drop-ins at the 365 Learning testing room may not be accommodated and, if not, would result in a grade of “0.” If we can accommodate you, drop-ins will be subject to a $50 drop-in fee.
  5. Not taking the exam within the specified date range. This will result in a “0.”